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hsm - Inspiring Ideas

Eduardo Braun, C.E.O HSM

quotes Nando Parrado is at the top of the evaluations of ALL the speakers used by HSM throughout its history as an organizer of the best global business events.

Whether in México, Spain, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Roma, Milan, U.S.A. and Asia, Nando Parrado is the best!.

GDA Speakears

Gail Davis - GDA Speakers, Dallas, Texas

quotes Nando is probably the best speaker in the world at this time. His value for the company, event or audiences is legendary. The take away value of his conferences, his commitment as a professional and his charisma, are way beyond what a speaker gives… incredible…!.


Jerome Moisan - CEO Travelport, England (Oct 2011)

quotes "When Nando got up to speak, there was this wonderful minute or so where you could feel a buzz of anticipation in the room. Feedback from our guests was extraordinary, especially as they all attend many senior corporate events every year - they were truly moved and thankful for the time with Nando. As a speaker, he is genuinely a one-off"

testimonials - cnn

CNN - California

quotes Incredible Honor…!!
After finishing his conference for CNN at Dana Point, California on September 22 of 2010, something very moving happened. A warm long standing ovation happened after the conclusion of the conference and a second never ending one after the Q&A session. But, the most incredible honor for Nando Parrado, was that at the exit of the Ball Room of the St. Regis Hotel, the whole AV crew was standing in formation and clapping with reverence. The Director of the AV team said to Nando: “ We have done hundreds of AV work for some of the most important companies in the world, for the last twenty years. This is the first time that my whole AV crew, without any previous plan, stood and clapped in awe for a speaker…I have never have seen or heard that happening before in our industry.”

Van Doorne (The Netherlands)

quotesDear Nando,
This is just to let you know that we have greatly appreciated your presentations in the Neatherlands last week...

Letter Van Doorne (PDF)

Sam Silverstein, CSP

quotes Nando Parrado got the most spontaneous, long and strong standing ovation, that I have ever seen in the whole history of the NSA (National Speakers Association). I have not seen before a speaker which could inspire an audience of 2000 in such a way. Hats off to one of the best speakers in the world...!

Sam Silverstein, CSP
President of NSA
Phoenix, July 21 of 2009

Melanie True Hills

quotes This is the best conference that I have seen in my life...! The message, inspiration and presence of Nando Parrado at the NSA Convention, has moved me beyond comprehension. I can not thank him enough for being here...!

Melanie True Hills
Stobafib Org.
Greenwood, TX

Bob Pike

quotes No speaker has ever inspired or moved me, like Nando Parrado has done today…

Bob Pike
Director NSA
Phoenix,July 21 of 2009

Thom Singer

quotes My experience at the NSA 2009 Convention has been amazing. Mr. Parrado`s presentation reminded me that while speaking style, voice, tone, Power Point images and stage presence are important….that is the presenter`s honesty, emotion, authenticity and willingness to speak from the heart that makes the difference.

Thom Singer
Austin, TX

Peggy O`Neill

quotes Nando…words can not express how deeply I was moved by your speech yesterday  afternoon…Many many thanks…!!

Peggy O`Neill

Fm: Richard Lowy

quotes Indeed my friend, your keynote speech was probably the most impactful in my 30 year, 14 international award, career. I don't tell you this to brag but I do tell you this because I am proud to say... you were the best keynote I have every had the pleasure of working with!

And while I don't play rugby (even gentle rugby) I do feel I have a new friend in you. Thank you so much for your heartfelt presentation.


Richard Lowy
Executive Producer/Creative Director
Branded Experiences,
Vancouver, Canada.

Fm: Skanska (Sweden)

quotes Dear Nando,

Thank you, I did return safe and sound to Sweden. I trust you did as well...but to Montevideo of course. Today I'm back in the office, and I feel empty. Some kind of "post-event-disorder" I assume.

I had high expectations on your presentation, but I must say that the impression you made on me was deeper than I could have imagined. And I know that I'm not the only one. In fact you got the highest score ever of any internal or external speaker at a Skanska Management Meeting throughout the years we have had the meeting. Again, thank you for coming to Orlando and telling us your story.

Until next time, enjoy life and take care, Karin Lapasoon

Skanska (Sweden)
Group Communications Director


quotesDear Mr. parrado:
The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) 2008 Annual Meeting is now history. I have no doubt that lives were changed over the course of those four days in Toronto…

Letter of James E.Rogers (PDF)

Fm: Mark Lewis

quotes In more than twenty years of listening to speakers, this is the best speaker and speech ever..! It changes lives….many thanks Nando.

Mark Lewis
CEO IBM Americas

Fm: Mark Walker

quotes We have been producing audiovisuals, for some of the most important companies in the UK and Europe, for more than twenty years. Nando Parrado is the best speaker I have seen. Outstanding, moving and absolutely engaging. A head above all other speakers I have seen. Simply…
The Best.

Mark Walker
Presentation Services Providers Ltd.
The Matrix Studios.
91 Peterborough Rd, Parsons Green.
London SW8 3BU

Fm: Tony Gordon

quotes Dear Nando

Having been told about you by Alberto Herrera & having read your book it was a pleasure, more than a pleasure, a thrill to meet you at the MDRT meeting this week. Your story was with out doubt the best part of an excellant meeting. Our members will long remember your message of hope & love. Thank you for sharing with us. We never know what impact we may have on the audiences we address, yours is more than a presentation, listening to you is life changing.


Tony Gordon
Million Dollar Reound Table
Toronto, CA.
June 26/2008

Fm: John McEwan

quotes Hi Nando,

Thank you so much for attending our conference. Your talk was fantastic, so moving and inspirational. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! I have witnessed many presentations in my career but I can say, without question, yours was the best.

Do let me know if you visit London and I will be delighted to buy you dinner.

Best regards

John Ps. Please feel free to use my words as a testimonial, if you wish

John McEwan - Chief Executive
Advantage - Specialists in Travel
21 Provost Street, London N1 7NH

Fm: Philip J. Harkins

quotes Dear Nando,

Your speech was riveting. Your impact on the audience not to be forgotten. Most importantly, your presence all around us was felt, especially by our Linkage team. Thank you for being part of this. Would very much like to continue our relationship and look for other opportunities to engage you, including the possibility next year in one of our GILD programs sometime.

My very best regards, Phil

Philip J. Harkins
Linkage, Inc.
16 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803

Fm: Elyse Gut

quotes “ I have brought to speak into our Organization, some of the best speakers in the world, in the last twenty years....but the best of the Best is Nando Parrado…”

Elyse Gut
Director HR Southwest Human Resources

Fm: Y.P.O

quotes “ The best ever speaker for our organization, has been Nando Parrado….consistently gets the best evaluations in every University, Area Conference or Chapter event he goes to….”

Y.P.O ( Young Presidents Organization)

Fm: Hewlett Packard

quotes “The best speaker in the 30 years of the company….it says it all…”

Hewlett Packard

Fm: Merryl Lynch Consumer Banking Symposium

quotes Bravo...Too powerful for words..! Compelling…the best speaker and message I have ever heard..! I am speechless, I am overwhelmed…this will change my life.
Wonderful story; moving experience. Renewed my sense of energy. We are strong.

Merryl Lynch Consumer Banking Symposium
San Antonio, November 2004

Fm: Sergio Prendoné Pita

quotes "Nando Parrado en su presentación logra demostrar porque la palabra "Imposible" debe ser reemplazada en toda situación por "Improbable". A su vez, demuestra como la palabra "Improbable" puede transformarse en "Posible". Todos en nuestra Compañia coincidimos que nunca vimos una presentación en nuestras vidas que tuviese tan alto impacto en lo profesional y personal, llegando a lugares de nosotros mismos que nos hiciese repensar situaciones, decisiones y comportamientos esenciales. Nadie fue el mismo después de esta presentación. Hay un grupo de 16 personas que tienen una tremenda, sabia e incomparable experiencia que contarle al resto de la Humanidad y lo tienen a Nando Parrado como vocero."

Sergio Prendoné Pita
HR Director Kraft Foods Int.

Fm: Beverly

quotes Hey Scott,

I am so glad that I made it a point to see Nando. What he learned in the end, the story he told about his father and "the Book," well, that said it all.

The change in my household since then has been a transformation. My attitude has certainly improved and because of that, my children's behavior has changed.

We had our first great weekend in ages. Max went to a client lunch with me on Saturday in Westport. Helped me for the first time ever with the Sunday dishes not even being asked!!!

Olivia and I had a wonderful Mothers/Daughter Sunday, no arguing. She even went to a People to People event without a struggle. A miracle? Not of the magnitude of Nando's experience, but most certainly affected by it.

The trick will be to keep my new found perspective on life and love front and center. I may need to get a screensaver with his photo on it. Not a bad idea.

Thanks so much for making sure I didn't miss this experience. Truly lifechangeing.

With regard,

Saatchi & Saatchi
"2003 Global Agency of the Year"


quotes Nando,

I'm delighted that you enjoyed the BLF - The pleasure once again was all ours. I'm involved in more than 50 events per year and you are one of the very best speakers I have ever seen.

Yet again you left everybody spellbound and totally inspired.

I do hope we have the opportunity to work together again.

Best as always,


Fm: Jason E. DeLoss

quotes I attended the first session of IBMs Hundred Percent Club. I have attended many seminars and motivational speaking sessions. This was by far one of the most moving inspirational and relevant speaking engagement that I have ever seen.

We as successful IBMers spend so much time away from our families that sometimes we forget the simple purpose for which we go about our business. The relevance of family first and its foundation was very moving to me. I dont believe upon conclusion of Nandos talk that there was a dry set of eyes in the audience.

Many thanks for the opportunity to share time with Nando...

Jason E. DeLoss
23 Terracedale Ct, Griffin Georgia, USA

Subject: IBM Palm Springs Meeting

quotes Hi Nando Im a sales rep for IBM and I was just in Palm Springs CA for our 100% Club.

I was so inspired by your story your determination and drive were amazing! First thing I did when I got back to Atlanta is to run out and get your book. Your story should be continued to be told all across the world.

Keep up the good work and again “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart for telling your story to my company!. I have two little boys that were waiting for me when I got home to Atlanta and the first thing I did was give them a big hug and kiss and tell them how much I love them. My family is my inspiration and thats the first thing I told them when I came home!

Good luck in everything you do....and take care!

Krista Perkins
Atlanta, USA

Robert Wisnack

quotes Mr. Parrado:  I just want to thank you for that most powerful
speach in Palm Springs on Friday April 11.   Your courage is something most of us will never know. I will definitely take to heart the message about family. And now I can hardly wait to get home and hug my family ! God Bless you. Sincerely,

Bob Wisnack
United States

Stephen Dean

quotes Mr. Parrado: I was fortunate to be in the audience last Friday when you spoke to my colleagues at IBM in Palm Springs. I was 12 years old when your plane went down and 14 when I first read the story in Alive. It had a profound effect on me given the age of the principles was very close to mine .. some 5 to 10 years apart. I had often wondered about many aspects of the lives of the crash survivors ... your story your message was most inspiring. In leaving the conference hall after your presentation many of my colleagues called home to tell their loved ones that they missed them and loved them. Not a moment to waste. Thank you for your message and the power of your spirit ... it will certainly be something that will remain with me for a long long time. Have a great life!

Stephen Dean
Palm Springs .. April 18 2008


quotes The only issue you face in opening with Nando, is that you may set the bar so high with his presence, that you could have a hard time living up to the experience for the rest of your education year.
I would be glad to discuss what we did right and what we would have done differently, in terms of venue and audience participation. Particularly noteworthy, were the comments from the parents, who thought Nando's message was great for children and young adults (ages 11 and older). His message continues to "change lives of those who change the world"

Todd A. Smith.
Education Chair.
Bluegrass Chapter.

Kraft Argentina

quotes How are you colleagues? I have found out that you are considering hiring Fernando Parrado for a corporate speech.

I wanted to tell you that we hired him a year ago for the Annual Management Meeting of Kraft Argentina, and it was a great success. The unanimous opinion of the participants - who are very critical, always finding "the hair in the soup" - was very positive.

Not only he hits emotionally, but also you realize that Parrado had the humility to tell his story and experience to people that handle presentations and speeches, so the product is agile and with interesting parallels to the activity of corporative groups. Other people -with remarkable personal histories- don't manage the situation this way, so their speech turns out to be boring, no matter if they are exceptional human beings.

I have been organizing events like these since long ago, for Sales Conventions, New Year Eve Parties, and Management Conventions and he was, by far, the best speecher we have had in years. Now, the problem is that we find it very difficult to maintain the standard, this year we brought another speecher that was not bad, but was not the same, people did not forget Parrado.

To touch the soul of the spectator, to move his heart, and to leave him a message.Can we request more in a two hours talk?


quotes First off ... THANK YOU ... thank you for the opportunity to hear Nando speak in person about his experiences. It was the most fascinating event I've ever been to. As I mentioned, I read the book years ago and saw the movie as well. Neither compares to the experience of hearing Nando speak.

When he would talk about "you thought you've had a bad experience ... you don't know what this is like" (or something similar to that, he said), I thought of 9/11 and how I still have such a hard time dealing with it. Actually, this year (2nd Anniversary), seemed to hit me much harder than last year ... maybe last year I was still in shock. He talked about how they tried to keep positive and tried not to give up. Well, that's what I've been doing for 2 years .. trying to think positive and hope for the best for the future.

He talked about "not having the chance to say goodbye" (in case he did die) .. that's all I could think of on 9/11 ... if I don't see my family or talk to them, I hope they know how much I love them and I don't want them to worry about me. I've always told Fritz (my husband .. you've met), "I love him", when he drops me at the station in the morning, but after 9/11, it became so much more important. When I talk to my brothers and sisters, nieces & nephews, etc, I always end the call with "I love you" ... because you never know. I constantly tell friends and family members how much they mean to me and to be safe. I pray to myself a lot to keep everyone I know happy, healthy and safe.

After hearing Nando tell of his experience and to see the video he made (which of course I cried through) ... it gave me hope .. I know I will heal. I've always been a positive person but started to lose some of that after 9/11 ... I've got it back (thank you Nando). I feel stronger. I'm still very sad and -in fact- I am crying while I'm typing this, but I know I'm OK. Hearing Nando speak personally and express what he was feeling and thinking, made me realize that… yes what I witnessed on 9/11 was horrible, nobody should have to ever go through that, but I am here, I'm OK and I have to move on ... even if I never forget, which I won't ... I know I need to lose the fear that followed 9/11, and be positive about everything.

Well, I wanted to get this off to you today ... before you yelled at me in the hallway again!

And, thank you again
All the best

Placer Electric

quotes Mr. Jay Platt, I am the Human Resource Director for Placer Electric, an I was invited to your seminar last week at the AIr force base, and I just want to say thank you so much, my life has been very touched...

Letter of Diane M. Burns (PDF)

International School of Lausanne

quotes I am not sure where to begin. My name is Katherine Ashmore, and I am writing to you because you have to be the one man who has influenced me so greatly in such a short space of time. Ever since I read about your life altering Andrean "adventure", I have been so attached to your personal story...

Letter of Katherine Ashmore (PDF)

Letter of Flavio and Karla

quotes Nando,  we see you as a great example of courage and determination that touched our lives and hearts in a special way.

The same way we received a lot from you, we wish you that you take in your heart memorable moments of your visit to Guatemala.  We offer you our sincere friendship and we hope that you visit us again very soon with your family.

We wish you a life of success and to continue impacting lives in such a positive way.

Flavio y Karla

Fm: Claudio Fernández Araoz.

quotes Sent: June 26th, 2007.

Dear Nando:

Let me tell you once again how inspired we have all been with your speech and visit.   I have participated in the organization of our Firm Conferences for more than 15 years now, and I don´t think we ever had someone who had your impact.  And I couldn´t personally be more happy with the types of values and reflections you have helped us bring out, since it is of course all inside us.  But it needs to be brought out, and you did that beautifully with your moving story and, perhaps even more, with your person.  As my friend Jim Collins likes to say, leaderships is much more about being than about doing, and I believe you are leading many people these days Nando, inspiring us to live lives of impact and meaning, as individuals, professionals, and family members.

Fm: Mark W. Lewis
Vice President, IBM Financial Services Sector, Americas
August 10th, 2007

quotes Nando, thank you for your kind note about your visit to San Francisco and IBM.

Meeting you and Veronique was an absolute pleasure for me. As for my team, I can assure you they loved meeting you and hearing your story. In fact, many of them considered listening to your talk as a "life changing" experience. You not only have an amazing story to tell, but the images and insights you create and the sincerity with which you deliver your messages is amazing. Perhaps the simplest yet most descriptive feedback I heard was from a young Latin American salesman. He came up to me and told me... "I am proud to work for a company that would bring Nando in to talk to us".

Personally, it was equally nice to just get to know you a bit. And to get to know Veronique and even a little bit of your family (and dog) through talking with both of you. I wish you and your family all the best and hope that we can stay in.

Fm: Nina Figur (IBM)

quotes Dearest Nando:

Words cannot properly express how wonderful it was for me to host you, and the impact on our IBM teams is beyond what I could have imagined.   

I know the experience changed people, their perspective both personally and professionally.   To be able to do that, make a difference in the world  is something you should be very proud.

I am so happy that we had success together, and I had the support and trust from Kark and my team to bring you to IBM.     A significant impact was made and that is magical.

Please know you are never far from my mind and I am very grateful for the experience.

Fm: Home Instead Senior Care.
Omaha, U.S.A.
June 8, 2007

quotes Dear Nando:

This is a long overdue thank you for your coming to Omaha, Nebraska for the Salvation Army´s D.J. Hero luncheon.  I sincerely want you to know how much Paul and I appreciated the opportunity to hear you speak again and visit with you personally.

There are still many people in Omaha buzzing about your story,  especially after reading your book.  I have two girlfriends who were on the D.J. Hero selection committe and got to hear you that afternoon and have not stopped thinking about you ever since.  They were so moved by your experience, they claim that they have been “changed”.   You are changing so many lives around the world.  God is accomplishing great things through your mountain-top experience!.

Another woman who attended the luncheon said, “All the women at our table could definitely feel God´s presence in that room.”  How awesome!. Here´s another story that was shared with me by my brother-in-law,  Fred.   Fred went back to his office after hearing your message of loving one another and hugged all his employees,  told them he loved and appreciated each one, then, gave them the rest of the afternoon off.  It´s a ripple effect that you have created!.   You inspire others to love one another  with a sincere heart, to be the best they can be and to persevere through hard times.  Please know that you have made an astounding impact on our community!.

I am honored to call you my friend and ask God to continue to bless and guide the work He has chosen for you. I pray that our pahts cross again some day and at that time I hope for the opportunity to meet your beautiful wife and daughters.

Warmes Regards and God´s Many Blessings,

Lori Hogan

Dear Nando,

Your speech was riveting. Your impact on the audience not to be forgotten. Most importantly, your presence all around us was felt, especially by our Linkage team. Thank you for being part of this. Would very much like to continue our relationship and look for other opportunities to engage you, including the possibility next year in one of our GILD programs.  

The pictures of your family are wonderful – your girls are beautiful. Thank you for sharing all with us. Look forward to catching up sometime soon.

My very best regards, Phil

Philip J. Harkins
Linkage, Inc.
16 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803